Enjoy Figs in your Meals and/or Snacks

Dried figs are readily available all the time usually in the produce section of the grocery store where many other dried fruits are stocked. Many probably don’t think of eating them unless they are in Fig Newtons! There are other healthier ways to eat them and they will add a good source of potassium, fiber, vitamin B6 and more, as well as some calcium and iron to your diet! Figs can be added to any whole grain breakfast porridge for some sweetness and texture. They can also be poached in a little juice or red wine and served with low-fat yogurt or low-fat frozen desserts. Add figs chopped to a salad too. In a blender, puree 2 cups of dried figs with ¾ cup water and 2 tsp vanilla and use the puree for an excellent replacement for fat in baked good recipes! Try them this holiday season!

You don't need sun to have fun!

Every time the weather dips below 50, I get the sudden instinct to curl under a blanket and not come out again until early April. Fall is wonderful, but even pumpkin spice lattes are starting to taste more like sadness than spice now. What’s worse…it’s only going to get colder from here. Ugh

But throw that blanket off, put on a scarf, and listen up! Sure, winter doesn’t have kayaking, swimming, or boating, but in some ways it has so much more! With the holiday season approaching, it seems like every organization and business out there is tripping over itself to have the most fun! Professional and Personal Wellness was put in charge of the managing the International Festival of Lights programming this year, and the biggest theme in all our meetings was now we could add MORE FUN. And we aren’t the only ones. Between parades, ice rinks, festivals, holiday parties, snow bike races, holiday crafting, food events and everything else happening in December and January…I’m going to need a break from fun come spring!

It’s easy to want to stay inside as the weather dips, but you’ll miss out on all the great stuff happening this winter. No matter where you live, it only takes a quick google search to find out all the events happening near you. Be sure to check your calendar settings under My Account, My Profile too, because we are constantly sending out email updates about events in your town! See you out there!

Winter is coming...

Winter is coming, which means the weather is going to turn chilly and we’ll be going outside less. For many people, this also means they’ll be moving less. That’s what makes the cold months the perfect time to start your strength training routine! Check out all these great exercises we have on the website and start building your routine today.

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Achoo- No Flu for you

Well it has officially arrived, the dreaded flu season that occurs between October and May. If you are a grandparent like me you may feel like taking care of your grandchildren during this time of year is like dealing with a time bomb of illness. We all know it’s going to happen it’s just when.

Since starting preschool, it seems like my granddaughter has turned into a Petrie dish. Any illness that happens at school is then shared with everyone in the family. Since kids are around their parents the most they receive little bits of the illness as it develops. It’s called being micro-immunized. Grandparents are not quite so lucky and will probably develop the full blow virus. Of course the first line of defense is to avoid the sick child but that is pretty hard to do, that makes the second line of defense even more important- Senior’s must get flu shots! It’s a must we must do it to protect not only ourselves but other people in our age group, especially people with weakened immune systems.

Way too busy? Try HIIT!

Are you crunched on time and still want to burn fat and build lean muscle?

Try HIIT which stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. HIIT can be performed during cardio or weight lifting. Cardio HIIT is done by going "all out" for X amount of seconds (10-30s) and then walking at a moderate pace for 1-2 minutes. This method is to be repeated for the duration of your cardio session. (Be sure to stretch first)

HIIT performed during weight training is similar to cardio HIIT. The difference is in the recovery time and how the exercise is performed. Instead of taking a 1-2 minute rest between sets, it will be 10 seconds. The workout will be performed in a circuit format with 3-4 exercise.