You don't need sun to have fun!

Every time the weather dips below 50, I get the sudden instinct to curl under a blanket and not come out again until early April. Fall is wonderful, but even pumpkin spice lattes are starting to taste more like sadness than spice now. What’s worse…it’s only going to get colder from here. Ugh

But throw that blanket off, put on a scarf, and listen up! Sure, winter doesn’t have kayaking, swimming, or boating, but in some ways it has so much more! With the holiday season approaching, it seems like every organization and business out there is tripping over itself to have the most fun! Professional and Personal Wellness was put in charge of the managing the International Festival of Lights programming this year, and the biggest theme in all our meetings was now we could add MORE FUN. And we aren’t the only ones. Between parades, ice rinks, festivals, holiday parties, snow bike races, holiday crafting, food events and everything else happening in December and January…I’m going to need a break from fun come spring!

It’s easy to want to stay inside as the weather dips, but you’ll miss out on all the great stuff happening this winter. No matter where you live, it only takes a quick google search to find out all the events happening near you. Be sure to check your calendar settings under My Account, My Profile too, because we are constantly sending out email updates about events in your town! See you out there!

Hiking to Healthy

It’s almost fall, you know what that means; the leaves are about to change! This could be the most beautiful time to take up hiking. Hiking is an activity that appeals to all ages and physical abilities. You can reap health benefits, no matter your pace. Hiking is a wonderful way not only to participate in aerobic exercise, but also to clear your head.

Hiking is a great solitary activity, or great social time with friends and family. In addition, there are many hiking groups and clubs that can be found with an internet search. You can also find an array of hiking trails in your local area you may not have known about.

Like with any activity, prepare before you go. If you are hiking alone, let someone know where you’ll be. Carry a cell phone, whistle, and small first aid kit. Be safe and have fun.

Pick up and Paddle

Get on, the water's fine! The benefits of kayaking are numerous and wonderful. Kayaking is close to the water, allows you the benefit of sun and nature, let’s you explore areas you can’t get into by hiking on land, is quiet and soothing when you want to relax, and fun and fast when you want excitement. Many use kayaks to fish, others to get close nature photography. It is a great workout and can be a high adventure sports in the great lakes or rapid rivers.

There is a larger variety in types of kayaks and the features they have. You can rent or buy different kinds of kayaks depending on you intention for use in rivers or lakes. Some have dry hatches, others are better suited to cut through waves, and some are designed to be more stable. If you are an inexperienced kayaker, try renting several kinds before buying one to find what kind best suits you.

Get the most from your kayaking

Spring to mid fall is the best time to step into a kayak. Though, there are some that enjoy the occasional paddle in the snow. The best time of day to kayak on the lake is either earlier in the day or later, in order to avoid motorboats if you would like a smoother ride. Anytime during the day is great to kayak a river, just make sure to pack the appropriate supplies, such as bug spray or sunscreen.

Like any sport, taking some precautions will make you trip more safe and fun. Know your area before going on your trip. Don’t paddle alone. If you do, make sure to let someone know where you are and where you are going. Take a cell phone in a waterproof case. Pack a PFD level one or two. Check the weather beforehand. Take a loud whistle.

Get into Disc Golf

Disc golf, also known as frisbee golf, became known on college campuses in the mid 1900s and has been gaining more popularity in the recent decade with a large range of people. The object of the game is to use a flying disc to maneuver a designated disc golf course with the fewest number of discs thrown.

Though popular with young adults, all ages can play this engaging and challenging game. Anybody can play, as long as you can throw and move along the course. It is enjoyed both by professionals and families alike.

Frisbee silhouette-1

Disc golf also offer opportunities for wellness. In addition to the benefits offered by walking along the often vast courses, the throwing of the disc requires complete body movement as well as fine body control. Disc golf also provides training in flexibility, muscle strength, mental challenge and distance judging.

Other than the discs and access to a course, little other equipment is necessary to enjoy disc golf, making it a very affordable spot. Good shoes with a good tread are recommended.

Discs used for disc golf are often heavier and more durable than the traditional known frisbees, and come in many styles. Three of the more common carried styles of disc include; putters, mid-ranges, and drivers. Putters are designed to fly straight and slow and are used for close, tight shots. Mid-ranges are usually faster, more stable, and have a longer range than a putter. They are a good disc for a beginner. Drivers are designed to be stable in flight and get the longest distance possible and can be more advanced.