Making the Most of Your Time

Make your hobbies accessible and convenient. Keep your hobbies somewhere where you can see them and be aware of them. Try not always picking up after yourself when you are in the middle of a project, or not putting something completely away. This way, you can pick your project or hobby right back up when you have a few minutes.

Beware of time-wasters. These can be anything from toxic relationships to social media. Become aware of how you spend your time.

Meaningfulness of your time

 You don’t have to balance Tuesday. There will be times in your life when you have more free time than work, and there will be times when you have more work than free time. You can’t always control the amount of work you need to do, but you can control the meaningfulness of your free time.

The Cost of Eating Healthy

 Too often I hear, “it’s too expensive to eat healthy!” Although I agree that it isn’t cheap, I disagree that it is too expensive to eat healthy. Some foods that are organic or all natural are definitely more expensive but just think about your basics first – fruits and vegetables! I recently went to our local Produce Market and bought 120 pieces of fruit (apples, oranges, and bananas) and only spent $29! That’s amazing! And could feed an individual for weeks! Leafy greens and vegetables like broccoli and carrots are also on the cheaper side.

I’m not saying you have to eat quinoa and kale to be healthy. Just start small. While grocery shopping, it is important to shop along the outsides of the store to be the healthiest. These departments include produce, meats, and dairy. Try avoiding the aisles as much as you can. Most things down the aisles are processed and carry more added preservatives. Those foods that are processed are okay in moderation, but too much can lead to bad habits and compromised health. Fresh is always best! Most grocery stores have weekly ads too, so shop what is on sale! You may just find out that eating healthy is not so costly, while eating unhealthy may result in a cost we don’t want to pay. 


Work Life Balance

Work-Life Balance is just that – a balance. We cannot truly perceive stress without relaxation, just as we cannot perceive relaxation without stress. It is important to feel both in life in order to truly have balance.

It may sound contradictory, but Work-Life Balance actually takes some work. You need to make a plan. Take the time to develop your career and your outside interests. Otherwise, when free time does appear, you may find yourself at a loss on what to do with it. 

Time is a precious resource, don’t waste it. Dedicate at least five minutes a day to doing something just for you. Whether it’s gardening, reading, playing an instrument or painting, find and engage in a hobby that makes you happy.

Trying New things!

Our March Challenge – Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and/or vegetables every day for 10 days is overwhelming for a lot of people, myself included. I have quite the sweet tooth so fruit for me is great! The vegetables are another story. About 3 years ago, my husband decided to become a vegetarian – which basically meant I’m a vegetarian too or I am going to cook 2-3 meals a night: one for him, myself and my daughter. No thanks! So I’ve really tried to open my eyes to all food choices. I’ve tried recipes that were a success and everyone enjoyed them, while other times it was a complete fail-pizza please!

With a little bit of planning and thinking outside the box, you will be eating healthier and feeling better in no time. Here are some ideas for how to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your daily eating habits.

Try eating fruit with every meal and as a snack in between meals. Apples, oranges, and bananas are great on the go. My favorite – a berry blend of raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries are great at any time during the day. If you make a morning smoothie or juice for breakfast, try adding spinach or kale and maybe some carrots or celery for the more daring! Raw veggies at lunch are a great way to get another serving in. Broccoli and cauliflower with a veggie dip is easy and quick! If you like to cook your vegetables, dinner time would be perfect for that! Try a baked sweet potato, sauté some colorful bell peppers into a stir-fry, throw some broccoli into your pasta, or have a large salad with your meal. There are endless ways to start eating more fruits and vegetables. Don’t be afraid to try something new, and if at first you don’t like the taste of something, try it again and again and you may just grow to love that very food.