The Power of Positivity

I’ve lost 90 pounds in two years. It sounds fairly impressive, and I so proud of myself, but it wasn’t easy. I had been trying to lose weight and failing for over 10 years prior. In fact, for those 10 years prior, I steadily gained weight despite myself. So what changed? Honestly, in hindsight it was the most obvious solution in the world. Positive reinforcement.

What does that mean? It’s a couple of buzzwords that get thrown around in self-help books here and there. It’s so easy to say, less easy to understand. For me, it meant looking in the mirror and treating myself like a whole new person. For ten plus years, I looked in the mirror and hated myself. Sure I was smart, kind, and likable, but I was also weak. Something was wrong with me, and I hated myself for not being able to fix it. I would glare at the mirror and call myself pathetic, and weak, and ugly. After all, I believed the best way to change was bullying myself into changing.

It didn’t work for me. In fact, bullying myself just kept building upon the issues that caused me to gain weight in the first place, and I found myself digging deeper and deeper into a hole that would take a long time to escape.

Then, one day, something in me clicked. I looked in the mirror and decided that the key was not hating myself. It was, in fact, loving myself. I said to mirror me “You are not weak. You have had struggles, but you are strong. Your struggles have made you even stronger, and you can grow from them.” As I write this it sounds so incredibly cheesy, but just like that I was on my way. It wasn’t easy, and honestly it still isn’t. The key was acknowledging my weaknesses and working on them, but also acknowledging my strengths and using them to combat the hard times.

So here are a few samples of the positive thinking strategies that got me through it all:

Call Home!

Email, Facebook, Twitter, and Texting, are all great ways to communicate in this fast paced world. But… what they are all missing is the sound of your voice!

For years now I call my mom every week, when I am driving home from roping practice. My first question is “How are you doing?” and she always answers “I am OK.” I know by the sound of her voice if that is true or not. I can tell when she in not feeling well or something is bothering her by not what she says but how she says it. It is important to me to hear her voice.

For her getting a call means someone is thinking about her. She lives alone does not drive and I think she just gets lonely and bored. I hear her voice change the longer we talk; there is more energy and more laughter. She tells me about the others who have contacted her; these calls truly increase the quality of her life. She always tells me when my son, Brock calls her, she tell me what a great kid he is (the rest of the family call him “brown noser”). She has family in the area, that stops over and checks on her, and I know she appreciates that, but it is hearing from those that she cannot see is very special to her.

I want you to start a new holiday tradition and call someone who needs to hear from you. Better yet, make this you News Years resolution and make it a point to call that person regularly

Winter is coming...

Winter is coming, which means the weather is going to turn chilly and we’ll be going outside less. For many people, this also means they’ll be moving less. That’s what makes the cold months the perfect time to start your strength training routine! Check out all these great exercises we have on the website and start building your routine today.

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Achoo- No Flu for you

Well it has officially arrived, the dreaded flu season that occurs between October and May. If you are a grandparent like me you may feel like taking care of your grandchildren during this time of year is like dealing with a time bomb of illness. We all know it’s going to happen it’s just when.

Since starting preschool, it seems like my granddaughter has turned into a Petrie dish. Any illness that happens at school is then shared with everyone in the family. Since kids are around their parents the most they receive little bits of the illness as it develops. It’s called being micro-immunized. Grandparents are not quite so lucky and will probably develop the full blow virus. Of course the first line of defense is to avoid the sick child but that is pretty hard to do, that makes the second line of defense even more important- Senior’s must get flu shots! It’s a must we must do it to protect not only ourselves but other people in our age group, especially people with weakened immune systems.

Life is a magical journey

Ever wanted something so badly, that when you finally got it, you were scared out of your mind? I recently found out a few weeks ago, that my husband and I were expecting our first miracle. While the due date in March seems off in the distance, I know that it will be here before we know it. In some ways, I feel like I was more prepared for it four years ago when I got married, than I am today. Funny how that works right? All in all, I couldn’t be happier. A life long dream of mine is coming true-and all the thoughts that come with it. Am I going to be a good parent? How will I handle the hard times? Will they know that I will always love them? Can I teach them what they need to know? I’m sure that these are thoughts that pass through any expectant parent’s mind, as well as those who are parents currently.

Life is definitely a journey. My father always says to me that you are a different person today than you were six months ago, and in another six moths, you’ll be a new person again. As time passes, we grow mentally, spiritually, and physically. As I get older I see less and less in black and white and have come to find that there are more grey areas in life. I have found that to be a very interesting phenomenon, because I now find that I have more common ground with some of the people around me than I did when I was younger. I hope to be able to bring my child up in that way. To have the conviction to know the black from the white, but the wisdom to understand that there is a little breathing room. There is so much hate in a world where you can find love everywhere. That is what should be focused on.

I nanny part time for a wonderful little girl, and now her brand new baby sister. Through the years, it become evermore clear why I love her unconditionally. Hugs and cuddles, and the constant questions and wonderment. She definitely keeps me on my toes. Through the trials of a three year old, she has provided me with the confidence to know that I will be able to handle anything my own child throws my way.

So I guess here’s my advice: Keep an open mind, look for the positive, love unconditionally, always ask questions, and walk through the magic of life with grace.