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Hi! So glad that you are exploring coaching! I was certified through the Leadership That Works, Coaching for Transformation Program and currently serve as an Associate Faculty and Trainer. I also have a number of coaching clients throughout the country. Besides working in public and private education for the past 25 years, I have served as a volunteer in a number of community non-profits and educational institutions in the Battle Creek area.

My coaching path is rooted in a desire to help individuals and organizations align their choices, actions, and attitudes with their most deeply held values and principles. I believe that all individuals, as well as collective groups of people, have the resources and capacity to change, grow, and contribute in ways that are creative and transformative. Coaching serves as a tool to get at what is important and meaningful….and then, supports actions that ensure that our everyday life reflects that important and meaningful stuff! Here's a testimonial from Gillian, one of my current clients:

"Working with Kathy Grosso is a process that continues to transform my approach and outlook in both life and career. In the midst of a frantically-paced career, I found myself stuck on the hamster wheel, desperately trying to keep up with my ‘to do’ list of tasks and accomplishments, each designed to support an externalized career structure: build that CV, publish enough, get promoted, earn that title, win that award, get that recognition….there’s no time to waste. Exhausted and frustrated, I began to work with Kathy on determining what parts of myself had worked to get me this far in life and career, and what approaches were potentially self-defeating and inauthentic to my true passions. I began to develop a ‘to be’ list – to identify what really fuels the various parts of my being – mentorship, engaging in meaningful initiatives, collaboration, education, and doing ‘boots on the ground’ work in areas for which I felt a true passion.

Kathy gave me space and support to finally be honest with myself; she expertly guided me to notice how it felt to exhaust myself by chipping away at a tsunami of ‘to do’ tasks; and she used her mastery and expertise as a coach to re-focus my attention and passion on my ‘to be’ world. Just a few years into my career, I’m learning about authenticity in my commitments, and am re-prioritizing with a vision for a career that is focused and rewarding. Kathy has guided my pathway towards the chaotic but energizing space of discovery and learning, and away from the exhausting space of inauthentic task accomplishment, checking off ‘to do’ lists, and saving self-care and development for ‘some later time’."

Gillian Beauchamp, M.D., Lehigh Valley Health Network, Department of Emergency and Hospital Medicine

Let’s get started!”

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