Navigating Appropriateness

Over the course of time (with many an ouch along the way), I have learned (after many...) to ask myself Five (5) Questions with each encounter.  They are sensible and strategic steps to navigate appropriateness.

1) Who am I ?  Without hesitation, "every choice we make can be traced directly bacerk to who we believe we are".  It is the driving point-of-reference in our decision-making.  Starting here each time, it protects you from acting out of true character; you live IN context and not OUT-of-context.  

2) Where am I ? Everywhere we go, we are living who we are, and with each "where", there is a distinct responsibility of "how" we live who we are.  Standards are linked to each place you go and by remembering where you are, you are properly linked in how to live your role in it.

3) Who am I with ? One of the greatest blessings in life is that we are all different, and that means we have different needs, styles, and preferences.  A person's position is also a true consideration.  This remembered awareness gives you a great advantange; it connects you knowledgeably.

4) What is the best outcome ? An outcome takes place all by itself, but if you would like to get somewhere specific, then, you need to determine it quickly, especially when you want the best.  By asking up front, the mind starts to open up options to pursue.  That mutual purpose is the key at this point.

5) What have I learned that can help me know ?  Bring your Historical Experience into the moment!  You have experienced so much (think about how old you are) and you already have a great degree of connection with whatever it is that is facing you.  Use this expertise and exprerience by drawing from your past. This simple yet sure process helps me chart the right course and stay on course toward the best goal with the right motive.