Recovery recover recovery

I think we have all fallen into the cycle of thinking we can’t miss a day in the gym. Lately have have been really pushing my body to the limit mentally and physically. As I was getting stretched out by my chiropractor the other day, “yea you are really tight.” From head to toe my body was just telling me take a break.

Recovery is something that many people often times neglect. My excuse is “I just don’t have time,” but really can’t you always make time? Doing things after your workout like stretching, foam rolling and joint mobility can make huge difference in your body’s recovery process. When you don’t allow your body and muscles to recover you are doing more harm than good not only to your body but to your mentality. Sometimes the stretching and the rolling is hard to do than the strength training part of things. Stretching after weight training helps elongate the muscles to reduce fatigue and promote recovery. Stretching can also improve flexibility and mobility. This allows your joints and supporting muscles to move more freely with less tightness. Recovery can be stretching, mobility, walking, foam rolling and one of the most important of them all is rest days! So make it a point to not only work your muscles but to repair and take care of them after the fact!

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