What is offered in the Basic Wellness Program

Self– Scored Health Risk Assessment

  • Biometrics and Health History
  • Mental Health/Lifestyle Questionnaire

Employees can learn more about their health risks by completing our self-reporting comprehensive health risk assessment. Lifestyle questions are also included in the HRA that deal with the employees mental, financial, work life balance and lifestyle. Everything is confidential to each individual employee’s login.

The report generated from answering the questions in the health risk assessment are then presented to the employee in a very easy to read report with ideas and suggestions that they need to consider to improve their health.

Messaging and Calendar

By filling out the Interest Survey on our website, we will be able to provide employees with activity notifications and the community calendar targeted to their interests. We will also send message updates with the programs and challenges.


The key to helping people change is education and we provide current information on all the risk factors that are addressed in the health risk assessment. Your employees get access to variety of educational wellness resources:

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Personal Training Resources
  • Exercise Videos
  • Nutrition information
  • Wellness and Health Articles
  • Wellness Blogs
  • Mental Health Materials
  • And Much More!

Motivational Programs and Challenges

10 Day Challenges

10 Day Challenges are based on the topic of each monthly newsletter. These challenges can be physical, lifestyle or nutrition related. Employees that participate have the opportunity to change behaviors and have fun with other employees.

Mile Club

By tracking their exercise time on the web-site, employees are able to see when they have reached significant goals starting with 100 miles. This gives them a sense of accomplishment and a way to challenge themselves to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Fall into Fitness/Spring into Fitness

Keeping up with a wellness program throughout the year is how a new activity becomes a permanent part of one’s lifestyle. Fall into Fitness and Spring into Fitness motivate individuals to exercise at least 90 minutes each week.

Holiday Calendar

The winter holidays are some of the hardest times for people to stick to a wellness routine, so we provide them with a wellness calendar to help them stay on track. Each week for month of December employees are given 7 wellness tasks that will help them to stay healthy during the hectic holiday season.

Taking Shape

This “not-just-a-weight-loss” challenge will help employees use their competitive spirit to get moving. To accumulate points, participants are encouraged to lost or maintain weight, do daily fun tasks, and exercise every week for 8 weeks.

Overall Points Program

This custom program is a way for your company to offer incentives to your employees, or just a way for employees to track their progress. We will work with you to design this program to for your company’s needs. 

Sample Overall Program: