Community Activity Program

The Community Activity Program provides that opportunity to make a community healthier. The people for whom you provide either partial, or complete health care insurance, are by and large struggling with wellness.

Impacting that wellness, in a positive manner, can have a significant effect on your bottom line by reducing overall health care insurance costs. The time has come to make that impact. We have the means to increase access to physical activity, to craft activity to personal needs, and to connect the population at large to healthy and nutritious foods. Making the community a healthier, more desirable place to live, work, and play is dependent on us working together to impact the community’s wellness.

With a varied array of activities and interests, the Community Activity Program is designed to get people moving, meet new people, connect with comminity, provide opportunities to create new interests, and more. The program inspires participants to stop worrying about weight and instead focus on quality of life.

Light the Night:

Light the Night is a annual family event that takes place in December and centers around the colorful array of holiday lights all around downtown Battle Creek. The event will include hot chocolate, a visit from Santa, a scavenger hunt, draft horse rides, and more!

IMG 1632Snowshoeing/Cross Country Skiing

Don't just sit inside and stare at the snow, enjoy it! For eight weeks starting in January, enjoy the snow trails at Binder Park. PPW will groom trails, provide skis and snowshoes, and give lessons on Saturday mornings in January.


Bring the whole family for fun in the snow! This is an annual event that takes place in January at Binder Park. The event will include cross-country skiing, sleigh rides, sledding, snow-shoeing, and more. Skis and snow-shoes will be provided on a first come first serve basis. The event will also host the Chili-Cook Off.

Chili Cook-off:

Here's a program for people who are burning to show off their chili-cooking skills. The chili cook-off will be held in January, and the chili that get the highest popular vote wins! The final showdown will be held at Winterfest, where the winner from each company will compete with winners from other companies to see who has the best, lip-smacking, chili-cooking skills.

Euchre Tournament:

Here's a terrific trick-taking tournament that all card players will love. A single elimination euchre tournament with teams of two will be held at the work place and will take place over 4-6 weeks, depending on the number of teams. The final game will be played at Arcadia Pub in Battle Creek, where the winning team from each company will be faced off in a one night single elimination tournament challenge.

Racquetball:SAM 2408

Warning: racquetball is addicting! So enter this racquetball tournament with caution, because you will have a great time!  The tournament takes place at the YMCA.

Disc Golf Tournament:

Grab a partner for this addicting game no longer just for teenagers! For ten weeks starting in June, participants will play all the disk golf courses in town. There will be eight two-person teams per flight and the tournament will be in a round robin format. The lowest score wins!

Horseback Riding:

Experience both riding and caring for horses with this program. For a weekend in June at the Calhoun County Fairgrounds, participants will get the opportunity to see round pen training, grooming, tack, and horse care demonstrations from Calhoun 4-H club members, as well as riding lessons. We will provide resources for anyone that would like to continue their lessons. There also will be hot dogs, refreshments, and draft horse wagon rides!

img 2101Walking:

Are you sick of walking the same route over and over? Time to mix it up! This four week casual walking event for both new and experienced walkers will guide you through all the scenic and walker-friendly parks and places around Battle Creek. Come on out once a week to meet new people for a great walk and a good time!


Pedal your way to a better you on Tuesday and Thursday nights in June and July.
-Time Trials: This will be a 6.8 miles bike trail where your main goal will be to beat your best time.
-Cruise: This will be about an hour long family bike ride at a calm, leisurely pace. Some bikes are available.

Canoeing and Kayaking:

This will take place in July and will start with a seminar on proper and safe canoeing and kayaking techniques. At the end, participants will grab a paddle for a canoeing and kayaking trip down the river.

RIMG 2310unning:

Break out those running shoes! This will be an 8 week program starting in July. At the end of the program, runners will participate in the Dig-em-Dash race in Battle Creek. The training will take place on Wednesday nights on the Battle Creek track, where we will provide a running coach for training.

Trap Shooting:

Grab your gun and pocket your shells! Centerline will be hosting a round robin and single elimination trap shooing tournament with 3 person teams. Each team member will get 25 rounds per shoot. This will be a six week league on Wednesday nights from August through September - just in time to practice for hunting season!

Volleyball Tournament:

Are ready for some Sunday night volleyball? During September through October, the YMCA will hold an 8 week volleyball league. The league will include 6 person co-ed teams in a round robin style tournament with a single elimination style and ABC leagues based on competition level.

Mountain Biking:

Here's a program for all the biking enthusiasts. This program will take place over a four week period in September in Fort Custer. Participants will get the opportunity to experience biking off the road and on interesting terrain in a Time Trial format.

Big Buck Contest:

Take aim at this competition. The competition will include bow, rifle, and muzzle season. Through October and December, send in your best buck score along with a picture and the best buck wins.