The Art and Science Of Food Preservation

WEB salageFood preservation is not a new idea. Our ancestors were forced to be creative in order to survive around the year. They used a variety of methods, from drying food in the sun, to submerging food in salt for salt curing, to buying and burying ice in the summer to create makeshift refrigerators. Humans have worked very hard over the last years to perfect those ways and create new ones to keep food tasty and edible all year round!

While this innovation means that many of the options are now available at the store, preserving your own food can save you money and often be even healthier, since you control what goes in your food. You don’t have to be an expert in order to make your own preserved food either! Thanks to the internet, learning how to preserve food is a Google search away.

The National Center for Home Food Preservation is an especially great source for learning preservation techniques. They go over how to can, freeze, dry, pickle, etc. nearly any food you can think of! Need to know how long to blanch a cauliflower? How to make fruit leather? The perfect pickle recipe? They’ve got it all! Check them out today!

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