My Fad Diet Program

Fad Diets is a topic that is close to home for me. Having been heavy most of my young adult life, I have tried them all. To me, fad diets not only include the well known ones (like Akins, South Beach, and all the others we have seen come and go over the years) but also diets that restrict calories under 1200 or eliminate food groups. I've even heard of a trending diet plan that tells people they should not exercise. Really!

Fad diets are often designed with losing weight as the primary objective, but in truth, sustainable weight loss is more often a byproduct of a healthy lifestyle. If an individual's singular goal is to lose weight rather than be healthy, then what often occurs is that the person goes off the “Diet” and gains the weight back once the goal is met. Making the goal about functional capacity and the ability to do task, (in other words, quality of life) is a much better way to approach weight management. I mentioned above that I was heavy my young adult life. As a matter of fact, I have had to be conscious of my weight my entire life. My high was 260 lbs and my low was 160 lbs (in my Ironman days). I have kept the weight off for over 30 years. I believe my success in weight loss and maintenance is because losing the weight was never the goal. It was always about being able to achieve more physically.

In the 30 years I have been in the wellness business, I’ve seen a lot of people lose weight. The trend I have noticed is that the faster the weight was lost, the faster it came back! We need time to adapt to a new lifestyle. Be patient and enjoy the new behaviors (eating and exercising). As a matter of fact, I believe that if you don’t enjoy your new habits, you will not be successful in the long run. Make healthy decisions fit you and your life.

I cannot tell you how many times I have run into a client who has lost weight, and I ask them, “How did you do it?” The answer: “I cut down on what I eat and exercise!” Yes!


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