A Story of a Cloudy Day and the Silver Linings

Dark Cloud: My alarm doesn’t go off and I have to get ready for work at supersonic speed. 

Silver Lining: I got an extra 45 minutes of beautiful, glorious sleep.

Dark Cloud: I spilled coffee on my shirt in my haste and have to change.

Silver Lining: That shirt looks horrible on me anyway, what was I thinking?

Dark Cloud: Something in my car is making a funny noise.

Silver Lining: My car gave me a warning sound instead of just spontaneously dying on me, giving me time to get it fixed.

Dark Cloud: It’s raining.

cloud-clipart-clip art illustration of a sun behind the clouds 0071-0903-0314-3309 SMU

Silver Lining: I just bought a super sweet new umbrella!

Dark Cloud: I forgot it at home.

Silver Lining: At least I still have my old one.

Dark Cloud: It’s broken.

Silver Lining: My walk to my office is short and a little rain never hurt anyone. My hair was already a disaster and at least now I have an excuse.

Dark Cloud: I have so much work to do today and my inbox is completely overflowing.

Silver Lining: I have a job that I enjoy and I am confident enough in myself to believe that I am capable enough to get it all done.

Dark Cloud: I forgot my lunch at home, probably next to my poor umbrella.

Silver Lining: Schlotzkys has a delicious new special!

Dark Cloud: I forgot my wallet (I am lucky I remembered to wear shoes apparently).

Silver Lining: My co-worker owes me money and a lunch invite is the perfect way to collect and hang out.

Dark Cloud: My computer has a virus and needs to be wiped clean.

Silver Lining: Well, at least I remembered to back everything up regularly.

Dark Cloud: My family is un-expectantly coming for a visit and my home looks like a tornado combined with a hurricane hit it.

Silver Lining: I have a family that loves and visits me and we will have a good time despite the mess.

Dark Cloud: We play euchre and I lose.

Silver Lining: I love playing euchre anyway.

Dark Cloud: Another day is over and it’s time for bed.

Silver Lining: I get to look forward to tomorrow; another day full of potential and possibilities.

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