LIFE IS: Happy

happyOr rather Life should be happy! After spending most of my life (30+ years) meeting with people about their “wellness,” I have come to believe we need to stop making excuses for not being happy and start doing the things that will make us happy. It seems to me that unhappy people always have an excuse not to be happy. Many of the excuse are legitimate. But my dad told me once that “life is not easy, and is rarely fair, but you make it fun.” I believe that it is this statement that has made me a happy person.

The excuses that make happiness a struggle are all there: money, relationships, job, family - I have heard it all. We all go through unhappy times, but that does not have to make us an unhappy person. I have had plenty of unhappy times, so what keeps me a happy person?

Progress! Specifically, progress toward making things better. It is identifying what can be changed and how that can be done. Then, most importantly, make progress toward that change. It is doing a little better today than I did yesterday.

Life is not always going to be happy, but by always working towards happiness, you can be happy!

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