Okay, I have finally had enough and I am ready to make a move to clean out the Clutter! But where do I start?

I was thinking there might be a Clutter Fairy that would show up and show me the way to clean out this mess. Apparently she is at another address if its yours - PLEASE send her my way.

I have been reading articles on cleaning out trying to figure out what will be the best method and believe me there are a lot of ideas. It still feels over whelming so I took the advice of one clutter queen and I am narrowing things down. Starting small seems like the best approach for me.

I am beginning my war one drawer, closet or counter at a time. The sock drawer was the first thing to tackle and I can’t tell you how much joy I get now that I only have pairs of socks. It is the simple things that can make getting dressed in the morning so much easier. When you are ready to start choose something that nags you daily. After that clutter is gone, you are ready to move on to the next spot.

Clutter does not just happen overnight so it must be fought the same way. Slow and steady wins the race. I have a girlfriend who has taught me a closet trick. She keeps a shopping bag on the floor of her closet so when she decides an article of clothing is just not her or doesn’t fit correct, in to the bag it goes never to clutter again. As soon as the bag is full it’s delivered to the Charitable Union so others can benefit. It’s a great win- win.

Clutter is proof of many things: too much stuff, poor habits and housekeeping or often it is a sentimental attachment. We have to make decisions on all the stuff and move forward one step at a time. I am looking forward to a lot less clutter in 2017 and I wish the same for you

Happy New Year

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