Change it Up

As I have written in previous blogs I truly believe that everyone should strength training during the time change.  In other words, when the time falls back in November, you should be in the gym strength training until it springs ahead in March. 

If you have been following my advice and you have been strength training since November (or longer), it may be time to change up your program.  If you are following the progression and adaptation as explained on the Professional and Personal website, you may be finding it difficult to increase you workload.  That mean it is time for a change. 

Now I am not a big fan of what is called “Muscle Confusion” (I have enough trouble with mental confusion). I believe you need to allow the muscle to adapt to the stress of strength training. To change the workout every time does not allow for adaptation.  However it may be time to make some changes. 

Try increasing the resistance and decreasing the number of reps. Or just the opposite; increase the reps and decrease the resistance.  I would not recommend doing more than 15 reps.  You could also change the angles, try incline or decline press instead of the flat bench; front Squats instead regular; dumbbell curls instead of bar curls, you get the idea.  Use the same muscle group, just at a different angle. 

The one thing I would not change is the number of sets.  The most benefit happens in the first set no matter what the rep/resistance or angle as long as you’re taxing the muscle group to near fatigue. On a scale of 1 to 10, shoot for a 7.  No matter how you change your program maintain sound strength training principles and most of all ENJOY!