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Jessica Gutsue

-Bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Michigan State University,
-Master’s degree in dietetic education from Western Michigan University
-Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Association since 2008
-Nutritionist at Cultivate Nutrition

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Be on your best holiday behavior

It’s the holiday season again! Wouldn’t it be great to maintain your weight or possibly lose weight this year? It is possible! One well known group of successful weight loss maintainers known as the “National Weight Loss Registry”, organized in 1994 by a group of doctors, had to have lost 30 pounds plus and kept it off for a year. They were so successful following certain behaviors they lost 60 pounds and kept it off 6 years! The majority of the group followed these behaviors:

• Lower calorie diet
• Lower fat diet
• Kept a good log
• Monitored weight at least 1 time weekly
• Ate daily breakfast
• Limited restaurant eating to less than 2 ½ meals per week
• Limited fast foods to less than .74 meals per week
• Limited TV viewing to 10 hours or fewer weekly
• Increased physical activity to 1 hour daily

One set of behaviors will not fit everyone, but choosing at least one of these behaviors to practice is a great place to start!

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