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Jessica Gutsue

-Bachelor’s degree in dietetics from Michigan State University,
-Master’s degree in dietetic education from Western Michigan University
-Member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Association since 2008
-Nutritionist at Cultivate Nutrition

About Me


Ideas to Increase Healthy Eating with the Family

  • Make healthy eating an adventure; try new fruits and vegetables. Shop together and let your children choose a new crazy item to try.
  • Fix meals together. Eating doesn't have to be the only family time you get in at meals. 
  • Does your family have picky eaters? Add some hidden extras into the family favorites. Put green peppers on the pizza, chopped up broccoli in the mac and cheese, onions into the scrambled eggs, etc.
  • Eat together at the table, not the TV. Not only does this allow for less mindless eating, it gives everyone a great chance to talk. 
  • Take meals with you to the park, zoo or mall. Pack a healthy picnic for a weekend date or family day. Put apples, oranges, or bananas in your bag for quick snacks.

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