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No Choice is a Choice

Your car stalls on the railroad tracks.  Everything you try doesn’t work; the car will not start.  You hear the sound of a freight train just rounding the bend and it is bearing down on you rapidly at 55 mph and it cannot stop in time.

You have two options, basically, in this amount of time: 1) Get out of the car, and 2) Stay in the car.  There are consequences to those choices.  If you get out of the car, you live.  If you stay in the car, you die. You have the power to get out of the car and the power to stay in the car.

There is a challenge here.  While you are making up your mind, you are in one of the choices.  You are in the car and you are going to die! For far too long, most people have believed a big, fat lie in the realm of making decisions; making a choice in what to do.  It is, basically, wrapped up in this response most often heard: “Well, I just haven’t made up my mind yet?” The never-verbalized rationale in this statement is simple.  It deludes one into thinking that there is some safe, neutral zone while thinking about it. The reality is otherwise.

No choice is a choice!

So many applications and so little time! The entire concept of change is noteworthy; people resist it and use this lie under the guise of intellectual and reasonable process.  While it is wise to process (calculate and estimate), the wise person processes, knowing that all the time he/she spends in the processing, the same consequences are playing out during it, and will continue until something changes.

The concept of stress is equally noteworthy; people so easily and so quickly blame outside influences, using this lie to stay right where they are, because it is easier to deflect and defer rather than to… change.  Hmmm.  Back to that.

Over the last two decades, “the convenience of inconvenience” has carried the greatest load (share) of most used excuses, yet cleverly disguised (not now) as being extremely diligent and careful.  There is no safe, neutral ground. Either way… you choose.