Professional and Personal Wellness

A quality-of-life company

Our Philosophy

At Professional and Personal Wellness we believe that the health of your workforce directly impacts the health of your company. A healthy and well workforce:

  • Is more productive
  • Has a higher morale
  • Has more energy

We also believe that wellness is multi-faceted, involving not just the physical, but the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual spheres of human existence as well.

 Professional & Personal Wellness does not offer a "one size fits all" program; rather we customize components to fit the needs of your company and your workforce. These components are formed around four core values that we believe are the heart of any corporate wellness integration.

Assessment - We will determine what risk factors your employees are prone to, both on and off the job. This is sort of our baseline step, it helps us see where the starting line is and to craft a route to get your workforce successfully to the finish line of a healthy lifestyle.

Education - Once the assessment has taken place; our consultants will educate your workforce on what behaviors need to be changed, why they are detrimental to a healthy lifestyle, and what concrete steps and activities can be integrated into every day leading to a healthy lifestyle.

Opportunity for Change - Identifying and educating poor lifestyle behaviors will only go so far, the opportunity for change must be present as well. Professional & Personal Wellness will connect your workforce to a variety of resources which will help them integrate healthy choices into their everyday life. Resources could include on the job activities such as our Go the Distance Challenge or external providers of fitness opportunities such as a local walking club or gym.

Motivation - If adapting to a healthy lifestyle was easy we would have the fittest nation on earth. Unfortunately our culture presents us with far too many everyday choices to compromise our wellness. Motivation to stick with a program is the linchpin of any corporate wellness program. Through various forms of rewards, recognition, and feedback, our company is committed to providing the motivation needed to integrate healthy habits into everyday life.

Professional & Personal Wellness components are designed to maximize contact points between our professionals and your workforce. These contact points are moments where we can provide, to individuals, immediate feedback, motivation, or a reassessment of previously identified risk factors. We believe that relationships foster change. One of our main goals is, therefore, to build a strong positive relationship with your organization and employees. Regular consistent interaction insures these strong relationships.